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'Cruising the World'

Saturday 22nd April - 2023

Time to let your true character run free
Saturday 22nd April
8:00 for 8:30 (latest)
If you wish to attend
please arrange your payment with Albert 
Buffet Dinner
Price  £50.00 per couple


Traditional deep rich Chicken en mole with Mexican  


Hot Buffet

Chilli con carne 

New Mexico Chicken Al pastor 

Spicy Chorizo hash and eggs 

Nutty rice 

Re-fried  beans 

Enriched Corn on the cob

Avocado, red onion , mango , chilli and coriander salad. 


Sour cream

Tacos and tortillas . 



Fruit salad 

Mango meringue with passion fruit sauce

Cruise Ship Crew Costumes.png
Dress Code

-Cruise Ship Attire- 

whether part of the crew or a passenger just dress to impress 
Dance Programme


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