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The DSA Sequence Dance Club can look back with satisfaction in the knowledge that the Club has played a leading role in pioneering and fostering Sequence Dancing in Gibraltar.


Back in 1953 a small number of UK Contract Workers and Ministry of Defence Personnel stationed on the Rock, themselves members of the Dockyard Sports Association (DSA),  decided to pursue Olde Tyme and Modern Sequence Dancing.  They then became The DSA Olde Tyme and Modern Sequence Dance Club.


Although membership was reserved exclusively for MOD and UK employees, some local couples who enjoyed this type of dancing were invited to attend as guests.  As the years passed, a very small number of locals joined and became involved in the Management of the Club.  Mr Victor Sciacaluga was the first local to serve on the Committee, a post he held up to 1967.  Of interest too is the fact that Mr John Bruzon was the first local Secretary of the Club and later became its Chairman, a post he held for 13 years.

The eventual closure of the Naval Dockyard, and the effects of the rundown of Military activity generally, led to a reduction in the number of Service Personnel. As a consequence local Membership increased. In fact by the late sixties practically every Member was local.  The Club which had been housed in a Pre War Nissan Hut in Queensway  subsequently moved to the then recently built Catholic Community Centre.  Members were not only able to dance in a vastly improved environment but most importantly the Club was able to acquire its own identity whilst retaining its original name.


As the Club entered the New Millenium, the need to encourage younger members to join became apparent.  The Club’s future success could otherwise not  be guaranteed. The then Committee embarked in an ambitious  programme aimed at rejuvenating and where possible modernising the Club with a view to making it more attractive to the younger generation.  Though not removed from the Club’s Name, references to  “ Olde Tyme “  were  and continue to be, avoided.   Bold steps were also taken to modernise the music  for the dance sequences.  Older pieces were replaced with more popular up to date music – many from the Charts.  


Following changes in the conditions enjoyed at the Catholic Community Centre, the Membership  unanimously  decided to affiliate with the Queensway Club and  Dance sessions moved to the Central Hall in 2001.

central hall.jpg

The importance of joining Gibraltar’s Dancing Fraternity was also recognised and the Club became Members of the Gibraltar Dance Association.


 Subsequent Committees have continued to keep these vital issues under constant review.


The onset of Social Media has provided the Club with an exciting challenge.

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