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Club Leaders

Luis Consigliero and Brenda Yeo

Luis has been an active member of the DSA Sequence Dance Club since 2001, his enthusiasm and dedication to dance led him to form part of the DSA Formation Team.

Brenda comes from a Modern Dance background, having represented Gibraltar in numerous occasions at the World Show Dance Championships, obtaining podium level.

They have been dancing together since 2009. Luis’ knowledge of Sequence Dance made it easy for Brenda to transition from Modern dance to Ballroom and Latin. In 2011 the committee asked them to assist the teachers at the time.

In September 2017, Luis and Brenda graciously agreed to a Committee’s request that they be appointed as the club’s leaders.  Since then have ensured members continue to enjoy the weekly revision and teach them new Ballroom and Latin dances to add to the club’s extensive repertoire.

They are very keen in working with Gibraltar’s community, having supported the GBC Open Day, the Gibraltar Day Care Centre at Waterport, providing entertainment for our elderly community. Performed and taught pupils of Bishop Fitzgerald Middle School for World Book Day and participated at the GNDO’s yearly Dance Extravaganza where a group of selected members delighted the audience with a medley of our most popular dances.

They hope to spread their love of Sequence Dancing to our younger generation, so they too can enjoy our weekly relaxed and fun filled social dance nights.

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