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Sequence Dancing is a form of social dancing which comprises a wide variety of rhythms from both the Standard Ballroom and Latin American sections such as the Tango, Quickstep, Salsa, Rumba etc.

Couples are taught set sequences of 16 bars of music consisting of amalgamations of steps and figures under a given name e.g.Chino Cha Cha Cha or Woodside Waltz. The sequence is recognised by the name of the dance. Everyone dances the same sequence at the same time and repeats it in an anti clockwise direction on the dance floor for as long as the chosen tunes for that particular dance last. 


This form of dance can be enjoyed by all age groups and has become very popular with couples who enjoy socialising, low impact exercise and of course the music. Care is taken to choose tunes that will appeal to members of all ages.

This is the ideal opportunity for you to share a pleasant physical and mental activity in a friendly atmosphere with your partner


Tuition and revision of sequences take place regularly and Beginners have the opportunity to attend classes on Wednesdays when basic steps are taught to facilitate the learning of the sequences.

As a beginner, you'll get the chance to learn at a more relaxed pace, using many of the steps that are repeated in various forms In many other sequence dances.For many, Sequence Dancing is a social event in a relaxed atmosphere and with practice the dances will be easy to learn and fun to dance.

You will find that club members will be most helpful and supportive when you start. We were all beginners at some point!

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